Techniques of Massage – What’s Your Favourite?

I am getting to know the different techniques of massage. It was my birthday recently and I was given a massage voucher, which I was looking forward to using. Being late in the afternoon, it was a perfect way to finish the day, an ideal happy ending. Massage has always helped me to feel relaxed, peaceful and sleepy.

Over the years I have had various therapists do my massages and have noticed they all have different techniques of massage, depending on where they were trained, and in what field. Many professionals use massage stones now, which feels unusual, but lovely and warm. Others do a sports therapy massage. I prefer the nurturing pampering sort, including a reflexology foot massage, and face massage! Heavenly!

I always found the foot massage chart on the wall quite fascinating. It shows all the organs in the body and where they are represented on your foot. It was always interesting when my therapist found a tender spot. I would look at the foot massage chart to see what organ the point related to. It is something you can learn to do for yourself at home, but lets face it girls, self massage is never the same as an hour with a massage therapist!

Lymphatic massage can be helpful if you have symptoms of breast cancer. Having a lymphatic massage encourages the lymphatic system to drain fluid away from your tissues, helping to filter out toxins. Women who have had breast cancer and some lymph nodes removed, often experience swelling in their arms, called edema. This is where the fluid builds up and can cause discomfort. Having a lymphatic massage can help stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid and may help to decrease swelling. Make sure that your massage therapist is trained and experienced in this field, before undertaking lymphatic massage.

Business owners have portable massage chairs where they can come to your home to sooth muscles or help with lymphatic drainage. It helps to de-stress and unwind, stimulating organs, body systems and blood flow. Find a therapist who has techniques of massage that you like, and who you feel comfortable with, then relax and enjoy!

And for those who really like this sort of thing, you can get a massage cushion to go on your chair and have a mini massage every night, whilst relaxing. I admit to buying two of these, but they are no where near as good as a personalized back massage, techniques that vary, depending on what is required at the time.

Ladies, if you have never experienced a massage, hint to someone that you would like one for a birthday gift, like I did! I guarantee that you will enjoy the time out in meditation, divine smells of oil, and the pampering for yourself. For myself and others, after a busy week, it’s a perfect happy ending. Massage is healthy for us all, and may help if you have breast cancer. Have you booked yet?